Long Gone Wild

Duration: 83 minutes
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Long Gone Wild
"Long Gone Wild" speaks to the hope for the future while exposing the brutal truth about the international trade in captive orcas.
"Long Gone Wild" is an important, compelling, and timely film with a powerful message regarding the cruel and inhumane treatment of one of the world's most spectacular and beloved animals: Orcinus orca, the killer whale. Shot in 4k and featuring the world’s leading orca experts, LGW picks up where "Blackfish" left off yet tells a uniquely new and different story, focusing on the transition of the orca as a “demon from hell” to the “Brainiac of the planet”; the “Blackfish Effect” (what it did and didn’t accomplish i.e., SeaWorld took a major hit to its bottom line but the 20 orcas are still there); the case against captivity; orcas as sentient animals; and the Whale Sanctuary Project, the soon-to-be, first-ever seaside sanctuary where retired orcas can return to - and be cared for - in their natural habitat with absolutely no requirement to perform. The film also addresses the disturbing developments surrounding Russia and China. Russia is live-capturing orcas and selling them to the exploding Chinese marine theme park industry (60 parks and counting) for a reported $6 million each. Ric O’Barry of The Cove fame accompanied director Bill Neal and crew on a “stealth” mission in search of the orcas held in a secret location near the park in Zhuhai. The dicey operation very nearly landed them in a Chinese jail.
Content Warnings: Mild Action
Genres: Documentary and Reality
Studio: Long Gone Wild LLC
From: United States
Produced In: United States
Lead Actors: Ric O'BarryDr. Naomi RoseDr. Lori MarinoCharles Vinick
Supporting Actors: Jeff VentreCarol RayJeff FosterSteven Wise
Key Crew: Michele WolpeExec ProducerRandall Love DPWilliam Rowan Jr. Producer

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